The Replay Program

What is Replay

The Youth Opportunity Path (SKJ) is a program SRF offers to high school students in the age between 12 and 18 years with attachment problems that can affect a student's academic performance. The  Replay program follows  the 'Forsa method’. Students are guided to work on emotional, social and teambuilding skills. The program is subsidized by the PES through the Dutch Ministry of Education (OCW) to prevent young students to drop out of school but also is meant for students who do ‘drop out’ from school and make sure they will acquire a "Start Kwalificatie"

Our approach

The Forsa Method
The Forsa approach focuses on group activities to create a safe environment allowing the development of social competence and a positive self-image amongst youth. Group activities offer youth many opportunities to practice how to interact with each other and their problems. The Forsa method uses a pedagogical approach using resources of the group setting and structure for empowerment of the team and family.
Our Vision
The Replay program is being specially developed to fit the needs of Saban youth community. The purpose of the program is to facilitate learning as well as opportunities for the youth to access the labor market who do not excel in the traditional education setting. The forsa method was chosen as a proactive approach toward challenges faced by Saban youth. These challenges include multiple behavioral problems as a result of various domestic situations. The Forsa method follows a socio-group approach which focuses on the connection within the social phase of Saban youth. Through this approach, the social development phase of a child is revisited through positive activities and experiences. Activities within the Re-play program are conscious, thoughtful and caried out according to the Forsa method
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